Single – Mantis

Equipment Description

Illuminate your creative vision like never before with the LRX™ Single Mantis, a cutting-edge fixture designed specifically for large scale lighting. This revolutionary light weight LRX lighting solution features smart technology giving unparalleled versatility.

Effortless remote-control positioning using a lighting desk or the supplied hand controller. Choose from a range operating modes, including servo technology. The heart of the LRX Single Mantis lies in tried and tested technology. The flexible lamp mount utilizes a combination G38/G51 socket which will accept 6,12 &18K daylight lamps and12K incandescent lamps.

The integrated gel frame holder reduces reflected spill light and will accept all LRX correction and diffusion filters, as well as most standard 29” accessories. Filter rings are as also included for installation of traditional filter materials. This unique combination allows you to achieve breathtaking lighting setups safely and with ease in all environmental conditions.

Equipment Details


  • Weight: 57 Kg / 125 Lbs
  • Tilt: 120 degrees
  • Pan: 320 degrees
  • Beam angle: 8.5 to 32 degrees
  • Accepts: 6K-12K & 18K Daylight or 12K Tungsten G38 base lamps
  • Accepts: 18K G51 base lamps
  • Filter Holder: Accepts 29” accessories
  • Accepts standard DMX.
  • Power: Dual auto select with battery back up
  • Works with a standard ballast or dimmer
  • Touch screen technology
  • IP54 Rated