Flyswatter – Python

Equipment Description

Elevate your capabilities to new heights with the ultra-compact LRX™ Fly Swatter Python, a battery powered truss rotator.

When this innovative two axis powerhouse attachment is combined with the awesome characteristics of a telehandler; it provides go-anywhere/do-anything flexibility.

The remotely controlled Python will add unexpected functionality to any fixed or rotating telehandler by taking advantage of weight saving attachment choices.

Equipment Details


  • Maximum load: 2,210 lbs. (truss structure + wind load)
  • Dimensions: 26” wide x 41” long x 24” high
  • Weight Saving Option (forks and carriage removed).
    • Attached directly to compatible telehandlers.
      • JLG Adapter weight including Python: 416 kg / 915 lb
      • Magni Adapter weight including Python: 431 kg / 950 lb
      • Merlo 9K Adapter weight including Python: 439 kg / 966 lb
      • Merlo 13K Adapter weight including Python: 468 kg / 1030 lb
      • Contact us for adaptors to fit other telehandler manufacturers.
  • Standard Option
    • Each Python Comes with:
      • One DMX control cable
      • Two Wired Controllers
      • Three Cable Guides
    • Python can also be attached using the supplied telehandler forks.
      • Python weight including fork attachment: 461kg / 1015 lb
  • Load rated (1650 lb.) clamps accept: 12”, 16” & 20” box truss or pipe (1.9” to 2.0” diameter)
  • Tilt: Ninety degrees. Vertical to horizontal
  • Pan: Continuous (only limited by attached structure)
  • Output torque: Maximum 4,000 lb/ft (electronically limited)
  • Rated for all environmental conditions
  • 48 VDC battery with charger (90-250 vac)

Possible Configurations

Light Array

LED Panels

LED Tubes

Moon Cube

Rain / Snow

Softsun / Lightning Strike

Fork Pocket – Attach Video

Direct Mount – Attach Video

Direct Mount – Detach Video