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Remotely Positionable Light Fixtures & Accessories

Keeping your crew safe and your lights where you need them

Founded more than 35 years ago, LRX is the film industry’s leader in robotic technology. Built with expert engineering, LRX’s remote controllable products allow ultimate precision and flexibility without compromising the safety of the operator. 

Building on its culture of innovation, LRX responds to and anticipates the needs of the industry across the United States and Canada as filmmakers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

In 2021, LRX became part of the Herc Rentals ecosystem, increasing production and offering a more efficient distribution model through Cinelease, Inc. Accessibility to LRX products is at an all-time high, making safer sets the industry standard.

LRX operates worldwide

Shooting at an overseas location? No Problem! Just give our head office a call for more information.

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