Motion Picture Lighting

LRX Trolley

Soft start and stop

  • Fits standard 3 1/2" I-beam.
  • 1000 pound safe working load.
  • DMX control off the fixture or an independent drop line controller.

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LRX Scorpions

Thirty-six - 650 watt DWE bulbs

LRX Raptors

Shown in studio setting with option trolley.

LRX Fresnel

Multi lamp capability, the latest in position control and a weather resistant design, makes for one very versatile fixture.

LRX Singles

The National Mall - Washington, D.C

LRX Trolley

Soft start and stop!

LRX Correction Filters

Never shift or burn out

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LRX Trolley

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LRX Trolley


  • Fits standard 3 1/2" I-Beam
  • 1000 pound SWL @ 10:1
  • 20 ft. /minute & 40 ft. /minute
  • Soft start and stop
  • DMX control when used with LRX fixtures
  • Manual control in stand-alone mode via drop line controller
  • Weighs 90 Lbs.
  • Power to operate robotics 110/120 VAC 50/60 Hertz - non dimmed line

These powered trolleys were designed with our LRX Light Fixtures in mind, adding another dimension of flexibility to the lighting system. The trolleys however have found uses moving props, set pieces and grip gear.

When the trolley is mated with our LRX fixtures the power & data are supplied by the fixture allowing you to control the trolley and the light fixture from the supplied hardwired hand controller, lighting console or optional wireless system.

When the trolley is used as a stand-alone unit the supplied drop line and pendant type hand controller provides the power and control. The lower mounting bars mate with standard grip type pipe clamps making attachment easy and a 1,000 pound SWL @ 10:1 make this very versatile. Note: DMX control can be added to this mode, please contact your representative.


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