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LRX Scorpion


  • Thirty-six - 650 watt DWE bulbs
  • Gel frame holder included
  • iPhone remote control available on Apple App Store
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LRX Scorpions

Thirty-six - 650 watt DWE bulbs

LRX Raptors

Shown in studio setting with option trolley.

LRX Fresnel

Multi lamp capability, the latest in position control and a weather resistant design, makes for one very versatile fixture.

LRX Singles

The National Mall - Washington, D.C

LRX Trolley

Soft start and stop!

LRX Correction Filters

Never shift or burn out

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LRX Scorpion

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LRX Scorpion


The design concept using multiple bulbs in a tight arrangement is definitely not new, and it has proven itself time and again to become an industry standard. The LRX Scorpion head is an advance forward in safety and remote position-ability where sets are built after the lighting is installed and focusing could be a difficult or time consuming task. Pan, Tilt & optional Trolley can be operated from the supplied hardwired hand controller or any DMX type lighting console.

Shown above With Optional LRX Trolley

Scorpion Features

  • Thirty-six - 650 watt DWE bulbs- 23.4 Kilowatt total output.
  • Change light density without dimming; the fixture has been wired to accept two - nineteen pin Soca-pex cables, three lamps per circuit.
  • Robotics built in, no motors or adapters required.
  • Pan - 340 degrees non continuous.
  • Tilt - 0 degrees to minus 120 degrees.
  • Fits most truss systems with 2” (or less) diameter chords.
  • Easy external touch pad DMX addressing.
  • Our exclusive easy mount, mounting system - (Patent Pending).
  • Convenient hand controller that can control up to thirty-two fixtures.
  • Gel frame holder included.
  • Power to operate robotics 110/120 VAC - 50/60 Hertz - non dimmed line.

These Fixtures are extremely light but incredibly strong and robust. They have been manufactured using the latest technologies available to ensure quality and long trouble free life. Set-up is so efficient that it takes only minutes! With features like; robotics built right into the fixture, external DMX addressing, 650 watt DWE type lamps and our exclusive easy mount, mounting system and more, all add up to no wasted time. The fixture can be mounted on most aerial lifts, using our approved condor mounting system or any place else that a truss can be installed, (cantilevered from rooftops, hung in ceilings, etc.). Our positive fixture mounting means no chance of movement or weathervane from the wind. Once the fixture is in place, focusing can be done quickly & safely from the supplied hardwired DMX hand controller or your DMX system, letting you put light exactly where you want, without the worry of operator safety or exposure.


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